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The Presbyterian Health Foundation Nurtures Oklahoma Biomedical Research Progress

Tom Gray and Rick McCune aren’t scientists. But as chairman of the board and president, respectively, of Oklahoma City’s Presbyterian Health Foundation, the pair shares a goal with OMRF’s researchers: to improve the health of all Oklahomans.

PHF was founded in 1985 following the sale of Oklahoma City’s Presbyterian Hospital, then the largest hospital in the state. With the invested proceeds from that original transaction and, later, the sale of the PHF University Research Park, the foundation has awarded more than $215 million to Oklahoma organizations aligned with the foundation’s mission.

While there are several hundred entities like PHF, as far as Gray and McCune know, the foundation is unique among them in dedicating the lion’s share of its budget to one thing: accelerating biomedical research. And every one of those dollars is awarded to research institutions on Oklahoma City’s Health Center campus.

Click here to read the entire article and find out more about one of our members, the Presbyterian Health Foundation.


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