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Oklahoma Business Roundtable

Advancing Oklahoma's Economy

Join Oklahoma's leading business networking community built on investing in and prospering Oklahoma by providing the necessary resources our members need to succeed and thrive.

Business & Membership Meeting 
4:30pm | Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club

Additional details will be posted as the event a

October 10, 2024

Oklahoma Business Roundtable

The Oklahoma Business Roundtable (OBR) serves as Oklahoma’s primary economic development support organization. Founded in 1992, we are a non-profit, non-political (501c6) group of over 165 business leaders that provides private funding and strategic assistance to promote statewide job creation and investment. Our organization works directly with state leaders and community partners to advance Oklahoma’s economy through business expansion, new business start-up, recruitment and talent (workforce) development.

The Oklahoma Business Roundtable serves as a vital player in the state’s comprehensive economic development program – working directly with key public and private sector partners to promote the growth of our economy. We support projects that attract and grow businesses, creates and retains jobs, and makes our communities a better place to live.

Our Mission


The Oklahoma Business Roundtable provides opportunities to network with the Governor, Lt. Governor, Commerce Department and state partners at exclusive events. We connect businesses through a diversified member base, providing up-to-date information on state economic development initiatives, opportunities and national business trends. See our members



OBR supports projects that grow established companies, start-ups, new business, and workforce. This includes global promotion of Oklahoma products and services, trade missions, increased supplier connections, site development, new finance programs, hosting business prospects and site consultants, preparing the workforce and marketing Oklahoma to potential investors and talent.



The business of economic development is highly competitive and requires additional private sector funding support to be successful. The Oklahoma Business Roundtable directly supports and helps coordinate funding efforts for marketing and development projects.



OBR serves as both an advisor and convener working directly with top state business and government leaders and Oklahoma’s professional economic development community. Projects include small group meetings, business surveys, strategic industry planning sessions and support of professional development and training.

What is the

Oklahoma Business 


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The Oklahoma Business Roundtable Advantage

Through a robust program of business development, attraction and strategic networking, the Oklahoma Business Roundtable plays a vital role in positioning Oklahoma as a premier business location.

We help enhance Oklahoma's economic development in six ways:

Recruiting New Business and Talent to Oklahoma

The Roundtable and its partners actively support projects that promote job creation and investment by locating new companies and projects to the state.


Expanding Oklahoma Companies

The Roundtable and its partners support the retention and growth of existing industry through Oklahoma trade and marketing events, growing manufacturing and the supply chain, and promoting innovative finance and training programs.

Marketing Oklahoma to the World

We support marketing initiatives targeted to corporate decision makers, site selection consultants and financial/real estate executives who direct business to and within our geographic region.


Hosting and Visiting Business Prospects

The corporate site selection process is very competitive and many times requires a series of site visits and direct recruitment meetings with company executives both in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

Preparing Communities for Economic Development Success

Oklahoma's workforce, infrastructure, and communities are key elements of successful economic development. We annually support dozens of projects to further develop these assets.


Strategic Planning

The Roundtable's diverse network of top business leaders work jointly with state officials, industry, and community partners to help guide long-term strategic job creation and investment initiatives.


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